Letting teachers and staff be armed.

This makes sense…Something the left is seriously lacking///

The Writer in Black

One simple fact of mass shootings remains that 92% of them happen at “gun free zones”. Naturally, whenever an incident happens instead of looking at this simple fact, people start talking about more gun bans and expanding the kind of areas which are the spree killer’s target of choice (areas where no one else is armed).

Suggesting that simple ending these free-fire zones for madmen (i.e. “gun free zones”) is met with the claim that having armed citizens will “simply make matters worse” (worse than a massacre?).  Of course, FBI data has already dismissed that claim. The other claim is that teachers and staff (since schools usually figure prominently in these discussions) don’t have the training to defend their students with firearms.  Florida, infamously, established a program requiring 132 hours of firearms instruction–several times the instruction required by police officers or trained military.  Apparently, the folk establishing that program…

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