News Bits ….

School bus aide yells at 14-year-old over Trump hat, removes it from his head..

This aide needs counseling….And maybe a new job..

Is it any surprise anti-Israel Rep. Rashida Tlaib was funded by Soros-group before running for Congress?

And how many more of this new crop of young politicians are funded by leftist Soros? New World Order, Open Society?

Finland: Government Collapses Over Universal Health Care Costs, #Bernie2020 Hardest Hit..

Is the same with all NHS systems….

Nanny Staters Say Home Cooking Is Unrealistic. Here Are 5 Ways To Prove Them Wrong,,

Stay the hell out of my kitchen!!!

British Crackdown on Knives Progressives….

Walmart-owned British supermarket chain Asda said it will remove single kitchen knives from sale in all its stores by the end of April.

What next?

50 Actual College Course Titles Proving America’s Universities Are Training Students To Be Socialists..

Send your kid off to college they said…And watch a bunch of ill mannered, lazy, mememememe kids return home to your basement!!

‘Everything Is Bad And The World Is Ending And You Shouldn’t Have Kids,’ Says Party Of Progress..



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