Gun Bits …

So Much For No Gun Bills Being Heard In Senate?

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) recently made some comments that can remind us all not to be so quick to make those assumptions.

“No Guns” Sign Fails to Stop Armed Robbers, Good Guys With Guns Kill One…

It’s a good thing employees ignored the sign.

Armed with pastel handles and pink holsters, women are storming into gun sales…

The weapons had pastel-colored handles and pink bullet magazines.

They belong to women, the fastest-growing population of gun owners.

Woman Removed from Gun Control Bill Hearing for Threatening to Shoot NRA Members…

So you want gun control, yet you threaten to shoot others..Unhinged are you?

Proposed Ban on Social Media Gun Pictures Proves Gun Control is Total Control…

Pretty much…

TIME Learns NRA Helps With Popular School Shooting Teams..


Magazine Freaks Over ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Letting Kids Play With Toy Guns..

Get their shorts in a bundle did they?


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