Gun Bits …

One State Lawmaker Wants To Mandate Every Resident To Own An AR-15.

Dear lord!! Think of the children!! Exploding heads and hysterics from the gun grabbers…

Where is my popcorn???

WATCH: Beto Reiterates Anti-Gunner’s Talking Points On AR-15s (And It’s Absolutely False)

Show me one leftist politician that knows one damn thing about firearms, the Constitution and Freedom..

I’ll wait…

An Armed Citizenry Is A Free Citizenry, Which Is Why Liberals Want You Disarmed

Truth..Tough to herd the sheeple into the Gulag when they are armed…

USA Shooting Responds to “No More Guns” Article

Ban Olympic shooting events…

Then why even have an Olympics? Shooting sports the only events worth following!!!

Utrecht shooting: ‘One dead’ as man opens fire in tram

Gun Control fails again…

Pass a few more laws…That’ll stop it!!

2A expert Stephen Gutowski responds to Joe Scarborough on the history of the AR-15 and ‘weapons of war’

Trashed Morning Joe he did…






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