Gun Bits …

Countering the “Civil Society” Argument Against Semi-auto Firearms

In the words of Kamala Harris, “there is no reason in a civil society” for people to have modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms.

There certainly is ‘reason’, politicians, racists and bigots, like Harris and the rest of the DemocRAT party!!

Trump Closes Michigan Rally With Tribute To Ted Nugent

Okay. Satire. But hey!! Both the Donald and Ted say it like it is!!

Don’t care what the spineless beta-males or shrieking FemNazis think!!

Some accuse me of that…

Bump stocks are turned in or destroyed as ban takes effect

“If they can do this with a piece of plastic, then they’ll be able to do it with another piece of plastic and another piece of metal, another piece of plastic,” he said. “And it’s just systematically taking away Second Amendment rights.”

~T.J. Kirgin,






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