Governor Walz: Two Faces…

From Minnesota GOP.

In the four months since Governor Walz took the oath of office, we’ve seen ‘many faces’ and the true side of what Governor Walz is really about.  “ONE MINNESOTA” was just an empty campaign promise that really meant “ONE SOCIALIST MINNESOTA.”    

From the gas tax to marijuana legalization to restrictions on our second amendment rights, there is no end in sight. Governor Walz is trying to turn our Midwestern Land of 10,000 Lakes into a socialist state that will burden our families, tax our businesses out of Minnesota and create an environment that is not sustainable for future generations.  

To make matters even worse, Governor Walz showed his true crony colors with the Iron Ranges Rehabilitation and Resources Board hiring decision of Joe Radinovich (former congressional candidate in Minnesota’s Eighth District).  In case you missed the full article and coverage of the story, read it here.  


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