The FBI lost notes on a 2015 meeting with Hillary Clinton

They probably did not want to end up like Vince Foster…..

America's Watchtower

  You might remember the computer and phone problems that seemed to plague the Federal government several years ago. The IRS had computer issues during the heat of the targeting scandal, and Hillary Clinton and her minions had her computer accidentally wiped clean and her phones smashed with hammers at one point during the email scandal and investigation.

  Well it seems as if these were not the only ones to have issues with technology during the Obama administration because we are learning according to this story the FBI lost notes on a meeting with Hillary Clinton back in 2015 over the email scandal because a CD was cracked.

The FBI ‘lost notes’ from an August 2015 meeting with the Intelligence Community Inspector General about Hillary Clinton’s private server, according to new FBI docs released Friday.

According to the newly released FBI docs related to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private…

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