News Bits …

A majority of Democrats now feel the President is guilty of treason

Personally I think most DemocRATs are guilty of the same…

Besides being worthless.


Behar to Crenshaw: Trump supporters should take off “those flag pins”

American hating bitch..

How about we add flag patches and MAGA hats to our ensemble?

That’ll drive her nuts..


He’s Planning to Be a Marine — He Tackled a Shooter



Mayor Pete Buttigieg Claims America Was ‘Never as Great as Advertised’

And this from a confused politician….


Save Our Freedom to Drive!


Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey wages war on the word ‘warrior’

Recently the Mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey banned all “warrior” and “fear-based training” for law enforcement officers.

Is what happens when you elect a Beta male….


More on Mayor Beta male…

Why being a Jedi may be better than being a warrior or guardian


Student’s Fears Result Of Media, Not Gun Laws


Island Gun Laws: The History of Gun Control and Crime in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK



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