Gun Bits …

How to Skew the Debate and Get More Kids Killed

The first point is that our children deserve protection. It is the government’s duty to return our children to us the way they received them. We already protect our politicians and their children. We also protect our children at home. Our kids deserve similar protection at school.


Ammo Stockpiling: Why You Can Never Have Too Much ~ Rebuttal

You can never have too much ammo…


Does Shannon Watts want a Ban on all Centerfire Rifle Ammunition?

Shannon Watts has developed her persona as a “full-time volunteer” who wants nothing more than to bring “common sense gun laws” to this country. However, she once again reminded gun owners of her true agenda with a recent tweet. We are used to individuals misrepresenting our message to push their own political agendas, but, in this case, we thought it necessary to correct the record.


State of “Gun Violence” in the United States

Politicians treat so-called “gun violence” as a lever issue, hoping to energize their base and guilt law-abiding Americans into supporting policies that would have no effect on crime or help the mentally ill. Part of this effort entails presenting as large a number of fatalities as possible, and so researchers, the media, and anti-gun politicians combine suicide, homicide, accidents, legal interventions, and incidents in which the intent is unknown.


2020 Democrats continue to display disdain for Middle America


And now for something completely different…

Pelosi: U.S. In Midst Of A ‘Consticollusional Crisis’ Right Now





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