School Shootings- Plastic Signs and Synthetic Emotions


Two armed murderers entered a school south of Denver yesterday.  I’m sure that a number of special interests will place the blame for these attacks. They never let an atrocity go to waste. I’ve seen everything from global warming to the political party in office used as a scapegoat to promote assorted causes. I want to be careful about what we know, what is probably true, and what we should expect. One thing we know is that this attack doesn’t come as a surprise.

One of the murderers was a trans-sexual female who preferred to be called a boy. The other murderer was an 18 year old male. Preliminary reports indicate the male student felt bullied. Both murderers used handguns to attack students and staff.

We can speculate about their motive. If they were at all like the vast majority of mass murderers in recent years, these murderers counted on…

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