Gun Bits …

Sen. Kamala Harris Promises Executive Action on Gun Control by 100th Day in Office

I’m thinking we don’t have to worry about that…


Gillibrand calls for assault weapon and large magazine bans to combat gun violence

Because that is going to stop ‘gun’ violence…


Cory Booker’s misleading claim that toy guns are more regulated than real guns



The Radical Left’s First Order Of Business: Disarm The Public, Part Four


The NRA: time to clean house by firing everybody?

I tend to agree with this..


About the “Soaring Number Of Fatal Gun Accidents”


Gun Control Failed Again in Denver- mass murderers don’t obey the law

I know that is shocking to some…

But they don’t obey laws..


Murder Rates Drop in Bolsonaro’s Brazil: More Guns, Less Crime

And this will make the lamestream, propaganda, liberal media here…






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