It’s People, Not Weapons….

“10-12 Somali teen males armed with hammers chasing people,”

So when does the outcry to ban hammers begin?

Or Somali teens?

Quit asking for my guns…

Your not getting them with this shit happening!!




One thought on “It’s People, Not Weapons….

  1. Glenda T. Goode May 20, 2019 / 11:12 am

    Ah yes, another symptom of the democrats ‘Willful Ignorance’.

    It is a psychological disorder when someone who is confronted with facts and evidence still refuses to believe it. The creation of an ‘alternate reality’ is a psychosis that needs treatment.

    The democrats do this for one simple reason.

    They do not want to actually tell us what their real goal is. All of this hysterical anti gun anti Trump anti red state blather is so they can avoid answering the real question. Why?

    The goal of the democrats is to essentially take over society. To destroy the original founding of this nation and replace it with a huge bureaucracy of influence and favor peddling that is populated by democrats. This type of governance is called socialism by the democrats but is totalitarianism in practice.

    While proponents of socialism discuss the benefits to the citizens no one discusses the detriments to the government that results. Most typically societies that evolve into socialism are fraught with corruption and shortages throughout their societies. Case in point #1 Venezuela. Case in point #2 the former USSR. Case in point #3 pretty much all of the former colonies in Africa Case #4 Cuba.

    The democrats know that this type of government will not survive long here in the USA if we are still armed; If we are not controlled; If we are not re-educated.

    The multifaceted front that the democrats are pushing includes gun control; anti-white bias policies; retooling our education materials to reflect multiculturalism; and global warming. All of these have distinct objectives designed to enhance the success of their plans. By disarming, disenfranchising, minimizing and denying energy to the white majority of society they can neutralize their opponents and therefore achieve their goals faster and with less damage to their own constituents and themselves.

    If we are honest and look at violence in society we do not see a proliferation of gun crimes by legal law abiding gun owners. We see felons committing acts of violence for a myriad of reasons none of which are attributable to gun ownership in and of itself. In fact the vast majority of the people who own guns are the most law abiding citizens in the country who need no further laws to help them be more law abiding. To insist on more gun control is in fact, illogical. The guns are already well controlled by those who abide by the existing laws. We need remedial people control so when someone commits a violent crime they are removed from society effectively for life.

    The mirage that is the democrats platform of ideas has no concrete agenda that actually would improve the lot of the citizens. If anything, it would make things worse. So, the resulting ‘Willful Ignorance’ psychosis goes on to protect those corrupt policy makers who see as their objective more power and control and nothing else.

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