Gun Bits ….

Bloomberg Funded Anti-Gun Brain Washing Course Now Online, Learn to Hate Freedom

It’s another blatant, biased attempt to paint law abiding, tax paying citizens whom own guns as crazed gun owners.

The organizers deliberately did not invite anyone from the NRA and the gun rights movement to participate in the course, and the results are what one would expect when such a conscious decision is made.


Duping the Naive Into Being Victims, by Choice

To many people today walking around blissfully unaware that evil can strike at anytime, anywhere…Or they think the government and it’s many laws will protect them…


Gillibrand Lying about Gun Past and Media Helps Her Get Away with It

A  lying politician, shocking…

A media that covers a lying Democrat politician, shocking…


The Armed Citizen…

When guns are good, the media is silent…


Senate Republicans Introduce Constitutional Carry States’ Rights Act

One can always hope…





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