News Bits …

Mark Zuckerberg Says Breakup of Facebook Would Make it Harder to Crack Down on Offensive [Conservative] Pages

Censorship..There are more leftists trolls and intolerance on the left…


Tyranny! Congressmen’s bill to ban states from passing pro-life bills

Because killing the innocent babies is what Democrats want and do…


Highlighting the DFL’s disastrous session

The Minnesota DFL Party. Democrat-Farmer-Labor, is completely out of touch with anything outside of the Twin Cities metro. As I said completely..

According to the DFL Speaker’s own words, the DFL’s vision for Minnesota going forward is higher taxes and less accountability to the taxpayers. If that’s what they’re selling, and it is, then I’m betting that Minnesotans aren’t buying.


Why Liberals Hate Chick-fil-A 

Chick-fil-A is unabashedly pro-American.



Another fine example of liberal tolerance..And why we need to fight for and keep our guns..

Alabama State Sen. Garlan Gudger wife threatened with rape by leftists over abortion bill

With plenty of ammo to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the intolerant, hate-filled left..They are willing to murder innocent children..Who is next?


MAGA: Make America Grown-Up Again

This is America’s future…

The Pentagon recently released data stating that 24 of the 34 million Americans aged 17–24 — 71% — are ineligible to serve in the military, due to obesity, a criminal record, or lacking a high school diploma.  The 24 million are also ineligible for most careers.



That”s songs with the word Black in the title…Some great ones…








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