Gun Bits …

Shannon Watts On Gun Control Movement, ‘We’re Winning’

Really? Every gun control measure brought forth in Minnesota this last session, with an anti-gun Democrat controlled  House of Representatives and anti-gun Democrat Governor, failed..In fact a Gun Safety training in schools was passed!!

And you don’t ‘win’ until you have the guns.

I’m keeping mine, your move, you cross-eyed bitch..


Shotgun Joe Jumps In: Not Everyone ‘Entitled’ to Firearms Under Second Amendment

That’s for sure.

Democrats should not be allowed to own firearms..They shoot people!!


Why Magazine Restrictions Are Useless For Preventing Mass Shootings

Because like the guns…They are already out there?


McBath Calls for ‘Gun-Free Society’

And I bet she is stupid enough to believe all crime will magically disappear..



Lesson from Venezuela: Don’t allow civilian disarmament

Well DUH!!!


The right to keep and bear arms was not enshrined in the 2nd Amendment because the founders were concerned about crime. The right to keep and bear arms was intended to protect the ability of the governed to resist tyrannical government. The gun control question should not be “How does the presence of guns in civilian hands affect crime?” but “How does the presence of guns in civilian hands affect/preserve freedom from tyranny?”

June 4, 2019
Comment to Why Gun Ownership Rates Tell Us Little About Homicide Trends in America








2 thoughts on “Gun Bits …

  1. kamas716 June 7, 2019 / 5:40 pm

    as we saw earlier this week with the release/finding of the British diplomat telegrams re: Tiananmen Square, being wholly unarmed leads to real blood baths, not the figurative ones so many lefticles and media mavens shout about.

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