Gun Bits ….

Bill Maher urges liberals to ‘learn more about guns,’ says issue is a 2020 loser for Democrats

Quiet Maher!!! Let them continue pissing Americans off!!


Lawyer: Gun-Free Policy Kept Virginia Beach Victim Unarmed on Day of Attack

A lawyer for the family of Virginia Beach victim Kate Nixon says she wanted to bring a gun to work for self-defense on the very day of the shooting but did not because of the gun-free policy.


Lawsuit: Student suspended because of photo with firearm.







2 thoughts on “Gun Bits ….

  1. Glenda T. Goode June 12, 2019 / 10:05 am

    As long as we allow Democrats to use Emotional Pleas to push for gun control legislation we will cede the field to them every time. While countering the passion play of the democrats will allow them to accuse us of being heartless it is still important that the facts and reality be kept in the public’s eyes.

    This need to keep reality in the discussion applies to all issues the democrats typically push. Every argument they make is loaded with sentiment and are designed to tug at people’s heart strings. This is why refuting their ‘arguments’ is so difficult. People have become used to being coddled by their news and politicians. They do not want to hear hard news or what I would call the brutal and unrelenting truth.

    The process of lulling the electorate to this state of ‘childishness’ is how the democrats maintain control. Truth and honesty are life lessons that really should never be contradicted. If you allow a person to fall back on assumptions and excuses that allow them to pass the buck to someone else to take care of you weaken the nation and our resolve.

    By ‘banning’ guns the liberals promote the fallacy of security as a result from such legislation. All that has been borne out by the history of these acts is the fact that we see even more gun violence. This fact needs to be hammered home right alongside the reality that socialism does not work.

    What to do? Might you ask. It is vital we make sure every time a person defends themself with a firearm that this becomes a national story. We need to promote the self sufficient American as a model for all to aspire to. We need to try to go on offense with all social issues if possible. We are constantly on defense and that never looks good in the news regarding the issues we care about. The fact is that the media and the democrats have been destroying the self sufficient American as a positive role model for years. It is high time that our forefather’s notion of a good citizen be brought back to prominence.

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