News Bits …DemocRATs…

How the D-Day Invasion Would Have Been Reported By Today’s  Media

I’m thinking DemocRATs would have blocked it with Obama blaming the US and sending cash and Kerry or Hillary to appease Hitler..


Top Minnesota Democrat Staffer Calls USS Minneapolis-St. Paul “Murder Boat”

Another DemocRAT hating on the Military and US….


Deranged Liberals Call For Terrorist-Inspired Attacks, ‘Throw Acid On Trump Supporters!’

Hate and violence from the ‘tolerance’ party..


WATCH: Students Left Speechless When They Discover ‘Trump’s’ Racist Quotes Are Actually BIDEN’S!

Indoctrinated by the Left morons..


New Jersey High School Bans, Confiscates Military Sashes At Graduation

Government school bullshit..


Claiming Racism, Illinois Democrat Cancels Local Civil War Re-Enactment

When you ignore and ban History you don’t like…

You tend to repeat it.

Wait for it..




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