Why the 2nd Amendment is vital to our future as a Free Society

Glenda T. Goode

While the politicians spew sound bites regarding disarming the population “For our own good” I cannot help but ponder why they fixate on an issue that is not as ‘prominent’ as they make it out to be. Then I extend my curiosity to the real motivation as to why the left wants to disarm us.

Perhaps it is a ‘woke’ notion of egalitarian nobleness that they hold? The idea that ‘intelligent’ societies do not have weapons as they are not necessary. Yea, a few of them believe this.

Perhaps it is a desire to honestly end gun violence by simply getting rid of all guns? Maybe, but it will be impossible to truly eliminate guns from society. A lot of other countries have earnestly tried and it does not work. Innocent people still die.

Perhaps it is out of a fear of guns? A couple of generations ago I would…

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