“Abolish the Family”?

The Writer in Black

Yes, that idea is being seriously proposed to “Dismantle Capitalism”.  Here’s an archive link.

How about “no”?  Does “no” work for you?  If not, then how about “hell no”?

If anybody’s been paying attention (like, say, looking at yesterday’s blog post) they know just how important I consider family to be.  I’m far, far from alone in that.

The theory in socialist/communisty/whateverist ideas is that if you eliminate the family, and the attachment people have to family, they’ll transfer that attachment to “the people” or more accurately, the State: “The State is mother.  The State is father.  We live for the State.  We die for the State.” Once that happens, the theory goes, we can eliminate this crass materialism and people seeking their own advantage and everyone can live in harmony in a perfect socialist paradise.  And, yes, people have tried that, whether by simply trying to…

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One thought on ““Abolish the Family”?

  1. Glenda T. Goode June 22, 2019 / 7:54 pm

    Eliminating the family is the coup de grace for tradition and heritage. As we have seen in the past 2 decades, tradition and heritage is not a part of the modern education system and the only way these values are learned are via family connections.

    The left will say anyone that says they are trying to destroy the family and our heritage is crazy. They will lob all sorts of accusations about paranoia and other mental issues that anyone has that disagrees with them.

    Problem is that history belies the statements of the left. We have seen God or at least a Christian God driven from the public square and any government institution they can drive it out of. Strike One.

    We have seen abortion along with Planned Parenthood being used for family planning thus reducing the significance of family relationships along with promoting laissez faire attitude about the value of human life. Strike Two.

    Lastly, the government has created an environment where parents are not involved in running the schools that educate their children. The curriculum is dictated by the state and covers all sorts of societal issues that many parents would prefer to not see their children exposed to and especially at young ages. Strike Three.

    I can keep going but these basic issues are the back bone of Tradition and Heritage. Disposing of the family unit is the logical step for the libs since they have made the two parent family essentially obsolete with the social services programs available for single mothers.

    We are approaching a cross roads and which way the nation turns will determine whether we call each other fellow citizens or comrades. It will be sooner than you might expect. Be vigilant. Be prepared.

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