News Bits….WTH?

Satanic Prayer Opens Alaskan Gov. Meeting. Mayor And Dozens More MARCH OUT IN PROTEST!


City Inspector Threatens Business Over Military Flag…Harasses Veteran

I was taught to never hit a women, never have, but this bitch deserved a good smack upside the head…


Google Chrome: the new “surveillance software”

I don’t use Chrome.



One thought on “News Bits….WTH?

  1. Glenda T. Goode June 22, 2019 / 9:48 am

    The liberals and democrats keep on trying to redefine normal and decency down in their quest to kill the Christian Patriotic American ideal in this nation.

    Used to be people aspired to be a good citizen as it has been defined since the founding of the nation. The founders were not necessarily Christians but they felt that the values of Christianity were the ideal we should aspire to.

    Now a days, the democrats are adding all manners of deviant types solely to aggravate and infiltrate the social norms. They hate the classic American. We represent conservative values of family and proper conduct and respect for life.

    The democrats (liberals, socialists, communists) want to remake our government in a socialist form all to gain more power and control over the masses. Government benefits are control. Free healthcare is control. So is welfare and every other giveaway program the government offers. You have to comply with their requirements to receive the benefits.

    By luring people into their scam, the democrats a gradually taking control. This is why the booming economy and record low unemployment is a threat to their plans. This is why they detest Donald Trump and will do ANYTHING to get rid of him.

    Watch their behavior and keep this concept in mind and it will all make sense to you. If it doesn’t make sense you are already mentally on their side whether you know and admit it or not.

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