Defend Yourself In Australia, Get Charged With Murder

Government fail. And what the left wants in America…

357 Magnum

Because you are supposed to depend on the state, even for the things they can’t provide. Are Australian laws protecting criminals from home invasions?.

A guy attacks a woman in her own home. Neighbor comes to her defense. The attacker dies. The neighbor is arrested for murder.

Russell Harrison in Melbourne. The local community regarded him as a hero for rescuing his neighbour from a violent home invader – but the police didn’t see it that way.

Russell was shocked when he discovered what was happening. “When they did my fingerprints I watched them type it in, it said ‘Murder’ and I said, ‘What?'”

He was throwing shade on the cops’ ability to protect people. Even though they really don’t have that ability.

Russell believes the law was wrong in this instance. “In the States, if you are defending yourself against a home intruder and they end up dead…

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