3 thoughts on “Truth….

  1. Glenda T. Goode July 7, 2019 / 8:12 am

    When we are young we see freedom as an endless stream of self fulfilling moments. Our narcissism at that age is boundless. We think we command our world by our pure arrogance and ignorance. We flit from place to place all within a closeted environment such as college and think, ‘hey, this is real freedom’.

    When we are older life becomes more measured. We see limitations of life and of ourselves. We see freedom not as a series of blurred events of foolish frolic, but now as a state of being. Our freedom is not the freedom of the fleeting youth. It is the awareness of being truly in charge of our destiny and free to do as we wish without government approval that embodies the notion of freedom that our founders knew.

    We look not upon government for anything other than keeping the peace and keeping our borders safe. Those who see redress of perceived discrimination in the forms of government handouts that are destroying our nation one piece at a time. If government cares for you they own you. You live at government’s behest and whims. Those that control you do not want you to challenge them. Thus, guns, speech, freedom to travel and any others you can think of are lost all due to a dependence on the government.

    One truth that has not changed since the revolutionary days is that the larger an organization is the more fraught with corruption and waste it becomes. The founders saw this and we should as well. God help please in the trials that lie ahead.

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