What a Trip…

So it took Most Dearest and the boys a bit of talking and pleading to get me to go on this great road trip out west over the past week..

I drive 400- 500 miles a week doing my commute..

The thought of traveling the distances to reach our ultimate destination, was NOT something I wanted to do.

But I caved and is was all good..

Day one was travel, home to Moorhead to pick up Son #2, then on to Dickinson, ND.

Day two was the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in ND. Was awesome and I began to feel like maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all…




After a morning these and walking around Medora, ND. It was off to Great Falls, Mt with a stop in Glendive MT for a late breakfast.

On a narrow two lane highway with a speed limit of 70 through lots of rolling hills and prairie. Where we encountered the worst downpour any of us had ever experienced..

This picture is as we are approaching it. It rained so hard you could not see beyond the front of the truck!!

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

We eventually drove though it and this was the back side of the storm..

We finally reached Great Falls, Mt. where originally we were only going to stay one day, but it turned into a two day stay where on Day two rested and explored the area.

Day 3 we headed for East Glacier Park where I found a place today using Expedia, which is how our trip went as we did not book any hotels until we were on the road…Risky I was told, but it worked out.

Day four we began our Glacier National Park adventure and it was!!

Took Hwy two around the south end of the park to West Glacier..

Then it was the Going to the Sun road…

Lake McDonald.

Logan’s Pass…6600 hundred feet, air a bit thin..


Lake Mary on the East Side of park…

Took us roughly 7 to 8 hours to complete 100 mile trip, with most on Sun Road, traffic, many, many stops. Most Dearest and Eldest Son became a bit unnerved when we made the turn at the Loop and suddenly they were on the edge, of some pretty significant cliff faces as we traveled. Before the loop we had to fold the passenger side mirror in as we were pretty close to the cliff face. Both  do NOT like heights..Youngest? He was bouncing around trying to video the trip, hanging out the windows with his Mom and Big Brother yelling at him to get in the truck!! Lots of laughter…The old man??? His hands were glued to stirring wheel and eyes on the narrow piece of pavement we were on..

Day Five was back into the Park to Two Medicine Lakes..

We enjoyed Montana. Was a big state! Lots to see and was amazing.

Days Six and Seven were travel days back home…

Yep, was worth it..

Maybe do it again and check the North end of the park out!!



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