News Bits …

This is a damn good reason for the 2nd Amendment….

Greater Self-Love Hath No Politician Than This: That He Be Willing to Lay Down Your Life for His Utopian Dream


Should read how to be Stupid and lose..

How to Alienate Voters and Lose Elections



Charlie Daniels: Young People Have Fallen for Utopian Lie That Government Is Answer to Every Problem


When you have apparently never met anyone with more then 2 brain cells….Or you are as dumb as a rock yourself…

Rep. Cummings on the ‘Squad’: ‘These Are Some of the Most Brilliant Young People That I Have Met’



One thought on “News Bits …

  1. Glenda T. Goode July 23, 2019 / 6:13 pm

    Because of the ‘instant gratification childhood ‘ these teenagers and college kids had, they want EASY when they look at the future for their lives. This is why college grads want their loans paid. This is why kids still live in their parent’s basements at nearly 30 years of age. This is why the government being a big nanny appeals to them.

    The fault is not the kids. It is the parents who found it easier to placate them with video games, cable tv and computers instead of interacting with them and teaching them life lessons.

    As long as their perception of the future is that it’s REALLY HARD they will continue to support the candidates that promise them that they will not ever have to worry.

    This is reinforced day by day by the media when they spin articles and items about the ‘Sky Rocketing College Debts ‘ or the ‘Difficulty finding careers after graduating’ which is another one of their favorites. The media carries the dems water on a constant basis and all of the content is intended to convince young people that the world that we adults are leaving them is UNFAIR! This is why some young people have a visceral hatred of Trump because he exemplifies the world we live in and is a capitalist.

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