If I Had Been the Father….

Man With 74 Prior Convictions Attacks Random Toddler, Has Felony Charges Dropped

“He was being belligerent to people on the street,” U.S. Army veteran Daynard Butler told KOMO.

Butler, who lives in Florida, was visiting the city with his wife and three children at the time.

“He followed a lady, and I started thinking to myself, ‘if he does something to this lady I’m going to have to step in because she’s by herself,” recalled Butler.

Calderon inexplicably became more agitated, and began yelling “Not your father!” KIRO reported.

He then spun around, and threw his coffee in the face of Butler’s two-year-old son, who was sleeping in a stroller.

That would have triggered a reaction…

“I went straight for him,” the army veteran said. “I hit with rights – straight to the face. I was very mindful of the situation after a couple of blows, I knew I couldn’t kill him, you know what I mean?”

I probably would have done worse…

But when the time for his hearing rolled around, Judge Annie Harper announced that the felony charge against Calderon had been reduced.

Okay so the coffee apparently did not cause any physical injuries to the child…But…

“The victim did not appear to be physically injured or burned, but was not communicative and appeared to be staring off into space, possibly in shock,” according to the police report.

What about mental anguish?


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