News/Gun Bits …

Yes. I’m getting lazy..Combining my Gun Bits and News Bits…

The Real Threat To Civilization Is Our Liberal Elites



Mexico Plans To Take Legal Action Against The U.S. As A Result Of El Paso Shooting



How many American citizens have been murdered in Mexico?

Why is it your Citizens so desperately want to escape Mexico?

’nuff said.


Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened And The 2nd Amendment Is Not Negotiable

Anti gun nuts, lets attack what we we want to get rid of while dancing on the blood of victims..

Let’s not address the real problem.

Which is not an inanimate object..

It’s the crazed liberal using the inanimate object..


Dayton, Ohio Mass Shooter Was Democrat Socialist, Loved Warren, Sanders..

See above..Liberal nut..


Five simple questions that blow apart the official fake news narrative about the El Paso Wal-Mart shooting

Some good questions here…

H/T…The Tactical Hermit..


Racism: The Left’s Only Answer

Because they have nothing else..


4 killed, 43 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings

Happens every weekend in Chicago..

Why is the media so oblivious to this?


Kamala Harris Fundraises Off El Paso & Dayton Mass Shootings

Of course she does…And offers no real solutions…Except take the guns!!


Warren: I Would Eliminate the Filibuster and Use Executive Action to Address Gun Issue

Fake Indian…Wants to be the next. Chavez? Maduro? Castro?



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