News/Gun Bits ..

Tis another reason I won’t be giving up my guns..

Democrats to Seniors: Drop Dead


Holy Crap..

How can we lose we the anti gun politicians are this Stupid??

Kamala Harris: Hitting every branch of the stupid tree.


Sharpen Your Hatchet

Trump..Failing us?


In Calls for More Gun Control, Facts Refute Media & Anti-Gunners

Did your semi auto kill anyone this weekend? Or anytime?

Mine did not and will not unless I am threatened. And those I worry about are deranged hate and violence spewing leftists and their Politicians..


Exploiting Massacres to Raise Poll Ratings

Sick. These bastards are sick and wrong…



When the Left says that words can be the same as violence, and then they are found to be guilty by their own inflammatory words and actions, then freedom is a candle in the wind.


The Revolution Will Be Triggered

A Democratic socialist convention showcases the self-inflicted impotency of the Left.


Pretty much…

Timid Republicans grab the ankles on Red Flag Laws


So the claim is mass shootings are done by so-called ‘white’ supremacists…

Pictures of Every Mass Shooter in 2019…It May Surprise You







One thought on “News/Gun Bits ..

  1. Glenda T. Goode August 7, 2019 / 8:12 am

    Leave to the perpetual alarm bell ringers that is the democratic spin machine to take the latest tragedies and bounce their anti-gun anti-deplorable mantras through their echo chamber meda. What is new about all of this is that there is nothing new about it and how the democrats have reacted.

    Democrats are focused on systems. Their answer to anything is a system. They view humans as being part of a system. Their solutions are systemically based. No, do not deal with individuals. Deal with policies that affect the system.

    In many ways, democrats have replaced the crown and house of lords from our past pre-revolutionary war days. They have granted themselves the powers of a liege and along with their fellow self appointed nobles deign to deal with the masses if they must all in an effort to reshape the system.

    In my past I was naive enough to think that I was valued as an individual in society. As I have gotten older I have come to realize that we mere citizens are the pawns in the huge game of social engineering chess that the liberals and also many republicans play. We are but subjects to these ‘elites’.

    Being held with the regard that we are mere tokens on the playing field of the nation, I have come to value the wisdom set forth in the Bill of Rights more than ever. Our founders knew that people like these liberal democrats (and may republicans) would arise as government developed. They knew that we would become servants to the state if we could not resist the demands of an oppressive government.

    When India was in conflict with Britain for their independence they used non-violent strategies and forced the English to act in a manner that garnered world wide criticism due to press reporting on these events. That relied on a free and independent press that was not controlled by the crown.

    One activity that used to have some value to freedom in our nation was the press. Not any more. The press is as much a part of the system as the politicians are. Our nation has lost its moral conscience as the media has been co-opted by the left leaving us essentially at the mercy of a corrupt and flawed government.

    We deplorables are left with few options once the game has been rigged as it has. Our only reserve is our resolve and rights under the 2nd Amendment. In past cultures, the rule of the monarchs was enforced at the tip of a sword or spear. The disarmed populace could do nothing to resist.

    We have an obligation to resist actions of our government that run contrary to the Rights we were endowed with at the outset of our nation. We must maintain the higher standard of conduct and avoid acting in ways that disrespect our founders and their vision. By the same token, we cannot simply roll over any more in the face of a tyrannical government policy machine. We shall remain vigilant and well informed. Rough waters lie ahead.

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