News/Gun Bits ..

White House Reaches Out for Pro 2A Input


Gun rights supporters say Trump could lose their vote Featured


Federal Bill Aimed at Financing Red Flag Laws Nationwide is Underway


WATCH: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Refuses to Acknowledge Citizens Have 2A Rights

He is a damn communist, what do you expect..


Grow Up! Baseball Bats, Golf Clubs, Swords Are Not Viable Self-Defense Tools

But it may be all we have…Until they are banned..


Joe Biden Endorses Ocasio-Cortez’s Support For ‘Truth Over Facts’

So lies?


Ilhan Omar Claims Hate Crimes Increase By 226% After a Trump Rally… AG Bill Barr Says No

Towel head…


Rashida Tlaib Who Fundraises For Terrorist Related Groups Approves of Doxxing Trump Donors

Anyone know her home address?


Black abortions kill more Black Americans than Black homicides, 42-1




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