How Dems Think Gun Control Can Defeat Trump In 2020

In Iowa…A fairly, strongly pro gun state…A large farming population. They like their guns..


So they have a gang banger problem in Toronto…


Justin Trudeau Says More Gun Control Is Coming To Canada

And the gang banger’s will turn their guns in and all will be well.



Chicago, has mass shootings every weekend..

Another Mass Shooting The Left Doesn’t Want To Mention

Why is that? Because proof gun control fails…??


It did not work Billy. And showed the true gun grabbing ideology of the Left..

Bill Clinton Touts Failed Gun Ban With Bogus Info

Oh and don’t forget what you did in Waco…Why we need guns to protect ourselves from Government. Especially Progressives in Government..


Stupid, ignorant bitch…

Rosanna Arquette: ‘All of the shooters in America have been White males. White terrorists. The end.’

Sure looks like it!!


Let Vox try..

Vox: The Only Way to ‘Do Something’ About Gun Violence is Nationwide Confiscation


Wait! What?

Can the Democratic Party Govern America?

Is this a trick question??


San Jose Mayor Pushes Law Requiring People Pay Insurance For Right To Own Guns

Politicians. Bent on screwing you over..

Any bets someone in the insurance industry is pushing this crap?





2 thoughts on “News/Gun…Bits..

  1. Glenda T. Goode August 14, 2019 / 7:41 am

    I believe that this issue: Gun Control, will be the genesis of our next civil war. It will not start it but the institution of ’emergency’ draconian gun control laws in response to some kind of skirmish will be of sufficient cause to have battle lines drawn across this nation.

    The democrats know this as well as the republicans. A large portion of the elected officials in our nation are invested in controlling society and gun control. The rhetoric surrounding this issue is largely aimed at polarizing the population enough to cause this.

    Socialism is all about control. That is the draw to it that the millennials see as they think that things are unfair due to the wrong people having control. The spiraling education costs are just one tool in the deep state’s quiver to pit the under employed college grads along with the other people who feel disaffected with the government against the establishment/Legacy Americans. By creating this tension a revolt and subsequent re-alignnment of society towards a socialist model can occur.

    As long as freedom and the Bill of Rights exists, we have the means to stop this. If martial law can be declared along with controls on the media and free speech we have fallen down the rabbit hole and what happens after is yet to be seen.

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