The 2nd Amendment: What Our Founding Fathers Really Feared- by Richard Douglas


Why did our Founding Fathers write the 2nd amendment?
They feared something. And it’s that same fear that exists today…

By Richard Douglas, Guest Contributor. July 12th, 2019

What he was about to do was illegal. If he was caught, he and his army (the 13th legion) would be sentenced to death…immediately.

Caesar looked back at his army and back at Rome one last time. He knew what he had to do, supposedly screaming “The Die is Cast!” which means there’s no turning back now.

He was right.

Julius Caesar had only ONE chance to become the supreme leader of Rome. If he succeeded, he’d have access to power that very few men in history ever possessed — the infinite power of a dictator.

Caesar smiled at the potential possibilities and crossed the river, marching onto the innocent plains of Rome.

And what came next was surprising:

Caesar succeeded beyond…

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