News/Gun Bits ….

Because passing more laws does not work. Restricting the Rights of the law abiding is not the cure, you’ll create a large group of unhappy Americans, turned outlaws.

“How do you propose to end mass shootings then?”



You Should Totally Trust Our Elite Institutions…Not


Fail in so many ways..

Rough Week For CNN: Contributor April Ryan’s Private Security Detail Reportedly Assaults Journalist


Maybe, just maybe…no…I won’t say what I would like to…

Philly residents reportedly taunt and harass officers during active cop shooting


Philly shootout ends, mayor calls for gun control, ingrates assault cops

The dude had a lengthy criminal history…Broke a few laws he did..And of course the calls for gun control trumpet forth.


For who?

Cory Booker Says Gun Control Will Bring ‘Freedom’


Better hurry. The gun grabbers don’t want armed citizens…Only disarmed victims.

El Paso Residents Choose More Guns in Wake of Walmart Murders


Her options gun grabbers???

14-Year-Old Girl Opens Fire On Home Invaders To Protect Her Sisters


Stories you WON’T hear from MSM..

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