News/Gun Bits ..

Law & CCW: What You Need to Know for Self-Defense

Different States. Different laws…Why we need Constitutional Carry..


Self-Obsessed Gillibrand

‘Still Angry’ Uncles Dared Vote for Trump When They ‘Knew How Much I Loved Hillary’

Self obsessed ditz..


Op-Ed Argues SCOTUS ‘Radical’ For Not Wanting To Destroy Second Amendment

Because their protecting our Rights…They’re radical??



Social Media Silencing: “The Well Armed Woman” Removed From Instagram



Trump Moves Towards Background Check Bill, Offers No Specifics

Which way is the wind blowing in his world today??

Fast losing faith in Trump…


Parkland Students’ Gun Control Proposal Is Beyond Radical


All The People Who Think They Are Better Than You Are Much, Much Worse



David Hogg: Prove You’re Not Controlled By NRA By Doing What I Want

How about no you little prick…


Utah’s Republican Governor Says It’s Time For Action On Gun Control

Another Repuplikan traitor…


Antifa Tinkerpots Don’t Want Their Pics Shared – So, Let’s Share Them Far-N-Wide

Likely looking bunch…Of thugs..




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