News/Gun Bits…

They keep pounding at the tool…Ignoring the real problem..

David Hogg Calls for a Gun Czar, Buy Back, Government Youth Organization to Combat Gun Violence

This clown keeps popping up and supported by the lame stream media…

How can anyone accepted into Harvard be so clueless?


Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke Visits Arkansas Gun Show, Vows to Ban Their AR-15s

And I would like to know what was truly said to him.

Not the BS he is claiming…

O’Rourke claimed to have had several conversations with gun owners, all of whom (amazingly!) agreed with his gun control policies.

I smell BS here..


I don’t trust him anymore..

Trump: ‘We’ll Be Doing Background Checks’ & Closing ‘Loopholes’


Do the ‘right’ thing?

JPFO: How to fix America’s murder problem — Don’t Do Something, Do the Right Thing!

Not going to happen…


The NRA has it’s troubles, but who has led the fight for our Rights??

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre: There’s ‘A Highly-Orchestrated Effort to Disarm American Citizens’


Canadian PM Trudeau Calls for More ‘Common Sense’ Gun Control as Toronto Violence Spikes

Once again we have Canada’s pajama boy running his mouth off.

Common sense…There is no such thing in today’s politics..


Red Flag Laws Again

Are wrong.


Good guy saves the day..

Hero Armed Neighbor Saves Woman And Kids From Domestic Attack

But the anti gun mob will disagree..

Claiming there is no such thing as a good gun..


The Right To Live And The Right To Bear Arms

Anti gun DemocRATs and Repuplikans need to remember this…



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