News/Gun Bits ….

Guns Prevent Thousands of Crimes Every Day, Research Shows

Obviously not an honest, objective study…Cause guns are BAD!!!

Just ask any self respecting and promoting Democrat politician…some that claim to be Republican would deny it also..


Wait!!! What??

Former Duke Psychiatrist Says Trump May Cause Millions More Deaths Than Hitler, Stalin, Mao

Lost his marbles has he…



‘Deep And Boiling Anger’: Poll Says Americans Are Still Very Fed Up With The Political Establishment

Pretty much…


Poll: Young Americans No Longer Prioritize Patriotism and Religion

And that folks is the problem…


Gun control debate: Should Congress get rid of gun-free zones?

Where do most shootings happen???


So some dude named Joe Walsh is running for Pres…on the GOP side..

I’m thinking it’s not this Joe Walsh..


That’s all…Good night..


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