One thought on “The GOP Needs To Understand..

  1. Glenda T. Goode August 29, 2019 / 9:04 am

    The basic problem we face as gun owners is that the people who want more laws or bans are afraid of guns in anyone’s hands. They have an irrational fear of an inanimate object but the left uses this fear to push the gun grabbing agenda.

    This problem is exacerbated by the worthless NRA who has abandoned the purpose they were founded for namely Gun awareness and knowledge along with firearms education. Without a public face for the American Gun owner we are portrayed as shadow figures not to be trusted.

    The proper way to address these knee jerk reactions that demand more gun control is to provide a constant educational PSA campaign to provide an intelligent rebuttal to the fear. We must do this without condemning those who are afraid of firearms. They are this way mostly due to their being educated by the main stream media and movies and tv shows regarding firearms.

    In stead of spending millions to make Wayne LaPierre’s lifestyle more luxurious these funds could be used to do PSAs for the public so they first of all begin to understand that gun owners are conscientious and cautious and that legally owned guns are not the problem with gun violence in America. A strong national organization that was dedicated to its membership instead of its leadership would go a long way to defusing this issue and taking the fear out of the media’s message for more gun control.

    I along with many others have been advocating the resignation or termination if necessary of LaPierre and I also realize that this is akin to beating a dead horse in that there is no way to save the NRA mostly because of the toxic culture that has run it for decades.

    If Gun owners do not unify behind a message that portrays legally owned firearms as being sporting equipment we are going to have to literally fight for our rights. The smart money is on getting a PSA campaign going.

    The gun manufacturers could start this if a national organization does not. It is in their best interests to do this. If draconian gun control goes into effect the vast majority of the gun manufacturers would go out of business.

    To me, this is a no brainer……why is it that the gun manufacturers do not see this. The sand is running in the hourglass that is the legislative debate for more gun control laws and when it runs out the game will change to the worse.

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