Be careful liberals lest ye bring about the Wrath of Patriots

Glenda T. Goode

We live our lives quietly and without comment. We are polite and keep to ourselves. We practice what we preach and are assets to our communities. Our children are raised with our respect instilled in them along with our values of hard work and caring for others.

We are the silent Second Amendment adhering patriots who have been the backbone of this nation since its inception.

We are facing a foe that is remarkably similar to the British at the outset of the American Revolution. The British sought to disarm us. They sought to tax us and penalize us for breaking arbitrary rules. They seek to control our lives and how we can pursue commerce and our own fortunes.

‘Americans’ have existed from the moment that our forefathers set foot on this continent which was occupied by semi-nomadic aboriginal tribes who had a primitive culture. Our survival relied on our…

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