One thought on ““Red Flag” Laws Should Be a Red Flag….

  1. Glenda T. Goode September 10, 2019 / 9:01 am

    The establishment of a ‘just’ government is in itself the top of a slippery slope that a society starts to slide down as soon as this ‘government’ is established. The other end of the slope is tyranny which is the ultimate goal of all governments due to the inherent nature of such things.

    All entities are the most self serving when it comes to survival. A person will fight to the death to try to save themselves and or loved ones. A government will bring all of its forces to bear upon anything, person or situation, that threatens its ongoing existence, These are the elements of civil war and wars of rebellion. We as humans are hard wired for this. We are both mentally and instinctively wired to want to be free. The mental side can be bargained with and ameliorated but the instinctive part of us will never be changed. We aspire to be free.

    The establishment of the United States is no different in any of these concepts.

    We have seen a gradual erosion of our civil liberties and rights since the creation of the nation. Between the constant enactment of new laws and regulations coupled with the ever narrowing of our rights as defined in the Bill of Rights.via court decree we are well down this slope I speak of. While the process to date has been slow and progressive, the addition of ‘red flag laws’ will accelerate this slide to a point where it cannot be ignored.

    Humans also have a trait of abiding with change provided it is slow to occur and gradual in process. The establishment of the inherently aggressive red flag laws would alter that dynamic sufficiently to act as a harbinger of things to come that cannot be ignored and they will evoke a response from people who see their freedoms and rights as sacrosanct which should be protected and preserved without tampering with.

    If Congress is stupid enough to pass any red flag laws it will start this slow motion civil war that will accelerate rapidly once these laws take general effect. Further, the state red flag laws will eventually do the same but it will take longer due to their localized effect.

    Due process is what the American Revolution was fought over. Due process affects both the individual and the society as a whole. The foreign rulers of the colonies was an elite group who was disconnected from the very people and territory that they controlled. When you consider that the ruling class in Washington DC and our state capitals exist in a similar disconnect you can see the parallels between the two situations without any difficulty. If anyone tries to explain how what is going on now is not the same they are merely parsing words and phrases in an effort to protect the system which as I pointed out, is the goal of the governmental system.

    Lastly, socialism is a fantasy. No governmental system is benign to its subjects. There is a constant battle over control over the individuals. The universal constant is a basic lie that is perpetrated by the government which is that what it does is “For the good of the people”. While somewhere in all of the governmental actions there may be a shred of good intent, underneath is the overriding concern of the government over how absolute their control is over the masses. As soon as a government see control as one of its functions, the progression towards tyranny will have already started and at some point the conflagration of revolution will again rear its head in North America.

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