Trump Announcement on Gun Control Expected This Week…

We are bracing for a possible announcement from Pres. Trump on new gun control.

According to our sources – as well as media reports – the President is expected to announce gun control measures he supports this week.

Which explains why the Trio of Tyrants – Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and Chuck Schumer – are very publicly courting Trump.

Tell Trump to REJECT New Gun Control NOW!

This morning, Di-Fi published an OP-ED in the LA Times calling on the GOP to pass a bill that would ban your magazines.

And “Chuck and Nancy” are saying they would stand with Trump in the Rose Garden to announce his support of Universal Background Checks.

The fact of the matter is anti-gunners expect Pres. Trump to cave on gun control, and they think he’s going to do it soon.

Tell Trump to REJECT New Gun Control NOW!

Which is why we need you to continue bombarding Pres. Trump and the White House with calls and emails.

Inform Pres. Trump that betraying gun owners by supporting new gun control would be UNFORGIVABLE!

We don’t have much time. So Take Action NOW!

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