Old Nuremberg Trials and New Mandatory Gun Confiscation


I’ve met lots of police officers who said they would never go door-to-door and confiscate guns. I’ve also met officers who would. Seizing someone’s property is a slippery slope, and the edge is closer than you might think. Several Democrat presidential candidates already called for gun-confiscation. None of the Democrat candidates denounced it. Consider how gun confiscation plays out from the police officer’s perspective. Some states have gun-confiscation laws in place already.

He is a “danger to himself or others,” or so the officer was told. Of course, that wasn’t exactly what the complaint said, and that isn’t really what the judge ruled. There are lots of little lies that grew as the story was passed from the estranged wife, to the divorce lawyer, to the prosecutor, to the judge. Now the confiscation order is passed down to the lieutenant and finally to the policeman.

That is how SWAT teams…

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One thought on “Old Nuremberg Trials and New Mandatory Gun Confiscation

  1. Glenda T. Goode September 30, 2019 / 8:11 pm

    This is a very slippery slope that we are poised on the edge of. The legality of both how any order is created and the fact that a court has given itself the power to usurp the Second Amendment runs afoul of a lot of people’s beliefs about our rights.

    It goes without saying that there are dangerous people out there who should not have firearms. Nicholas Cruz and the Margery Stoneman Douglas shootings are a an example of the do gooder system ending up killing people. Nicholas Cruz demonstrated his instability and anti social behaviors long before the violence on Feb 14th, 2018. The federal government under Obama had started a program to stop arresting students for violent and criminal activities thereby avoiding their having a record and also not graduating from high school. This program increased the graduation rates of urban schools but in fact did nothing to abate the crimes that were still being committed.

    By avoiding the arrest and consequential criminal record that might have stopped Cruz from carrying out this horrific shooting we ended up with a new incident to fuel the national debate to end the Second Amendment by the very same people who gave Cruz a pass on his very criminal behaviors.

    I do believe that the left is fully aware of the potential for a split to occur in our nation if they actively pursue and enact this type of restrictions upon the Second Amendment. In fact I think that they want this to happen. They need to isolate their opposition (Deplorable Nation) so they can condemn us as a group and try to make us the bad guys in this issue. In no way will they allow the government to be portrayed as the bad guys and their media lapdogs will do whatever they need to to ostracize and marginalize the Deplorable Nation.

    We live in perilous times. Not from any threats from outside our nation. No, it is the insurrection that is being fomented by the globalist left that will put us all in harm’s way. The left seems intent on tearing our nation apart in their quest to end the republic.

    If the ongoing attacks upon President Trump seem to be more ludicrous than the previous ones hold on to your hat. Things will definitely get much worse by election day 2020.

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