News/Gun Bits …

A good thing ..

ACLU Makes Stand Against New California Gun Laws


Robber’s Family Said Clerk Who Shot Him During Holdup Shouldn’t Have Gun At Work


Created a hostile work environment for would be robber?

“Yes, he’s robbin’ y’all. Oh well! Call the police!” the armed robbery suspect’s sister told WHIO.



PAntifa Man Killed, Fellow PAntifa Urge People To Not Give Suspect Info To Cops

Of course not….


The Slow Burn

Be aware of incremental gun laws where you live.


Red Flag Law fail…

84-Year Old Retired Cop Has Guns Seized After School Safety Comment


Lying ABC ‘All Bullshit Corporation’

ABC News Broadcasts Footage of Gun Show Demonstration and Tells Viewers It Is Turks Attacking Kurds


Well it is Wisconsin…

Drunk Ram 1500 Driver Lands Inside Wisconsin Home in High-Flying, Movie-Like Crash



One thought on “News/Gun Bits …

  1. Glenda T. Goode October 15, 2019 / 7:35 am

    Regarding the family of the robber who was shot dead during a robbery attempt…..

    It takes a special kind of entitlement attitude to assume that when your ethnic kin commit a robbery it is justified and that

    1) don’t resist just give him the money because he deserves it because: ‘racism’

    2) it ain’t fair if you fight back. Because of #1.

    When a group takes racism accusations to the place where their antisocial deviant behavior is supposed to be excused and tolerated they have essentially given up on trying to be a part of the larger society.

    You cannot say that any particular group, racial, religious, political or cultural, is all bad or all good. You can, however, challenge all of them to seek the best outcomes for their members by learning and growing within the society.

    Life is not a game where you get $200 for passing whatever mark you decide. It is a process involving work and improving yourself constantly.

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