One thought on “From My Cold Dead Hands!!

  1. Glenda T. Goode November 13, 2019 / 3:00 pm

    They are forgetting the several decades of carbon dioxide emissions that are the result of the massive fires just in the last year in their state due to mismanagement of their forest resources. These are, without a doubt, policies that are intended to make the people feel good that they are making a difference even if nothing has changed or ever will as a result of a new rule.

    I would add, what exactly do they plan to use to heat all the homes in parts of the state where it gets really cold? Where do they think electricity comes from? Magic Unicorn farts that don’t cause pollution when burned????

    The environmentalists out west have everything playing against everything else. They want dams removed. Dams make electricity so how do you replace that lost generating source?

    Gas? Well, no, because burning gas causes increased CO2.

    Nuclear? No, the waste products are too dangerous.

    Solar? Yes, but the sun only shines on average a little less than half a day at adequate levels to generate power and then there is the issue of the massive multi square miles of panels to capture this power. They are not carbon neutral nor do they not damage the environment where they are plus what do you do during the time when the sun does not shine?

    Wind? You know that no one with a multi million dollar house will want any windmills within sight of their homes. To replace all the undesirable power sources with ‘green technology’ is not practical nor will it actually happen.

    Dr. Doolittle had an animal called ‘Push-me Pull-you’. It was a llama with two heads one at each end and no rear. In other words, the ultimate conundrum. It could not go both ways at once. There had to be compromise.

    When the greenie weenies of California finally understand this they will actually accomplish something. Until then, we will see more and more of these insane laws and regulations. It is no wonder that only on the west coast which is populated with people who come up with idiotic laws and policies such as this do we see people defecating in the streets with the blessings of the local and state governments.

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