News/Gun Bits ….

There is a lot wrong with this and lawyers are probably drooling all over themselves…

SCOTUS Rules Against Remington

SCOTUS allows Sandy Hook lawsuit against Remington


Maybe next they can politely asked to them to quit being gang members and lead honest, productive lives…

Color me shocked: New Zealand Gangs refuse to surrender their weapons.


Most liberals/Leftists/NAZIs tend to ignore laws…

San Fran’s New DA Ignores Laws. Why Shouldn’t ‘2A Sanctuaries’?


Adam Schitt for brains..(Satire!!)

Adam Schiff Adds Skullduggery, Chicanery To List Of Trump Impeachable Offenses

Notice the similarities…

3 thoughts on “News/Gun Bits ….

  1. Glenda T. Goode November 13, 2019 / 2:44 pm

    I believe that the SCOTUS rejection of Remington’s request to end the lawsuit is not a statement of agreement on the premise of the suit. I think, instead, that the court merely stated that it is a local issue until a conclusion is reached that merits review. In other words, home rule.

    One of the foci of the SCOTUS is the setting of precedent and the potential impact that such rulings bring. To reject a lawsuit such as the Sandy Hook families v Remington would establish a precedent that would only end up being brought back to the court to re-hear again and again.

    Ultimately, the question of liability regarding Remington will be heard and resolved and I am sure whatever the decision is that is reached it will be appealed. The appeal will be based on procedural aspects along with evidence presented and not on premise alone. The results of this case will be a bellwether of the future of the second amendment in the eyes of liberals. The suit will decide whether the behavior of a mentally deficient person abetted by their own mother is excusable as long as the hardware manufacturer can be blamed. The real party who is liable in this case is already dead due to her own insane decisions regarding her otherwise unbalanced and antisocial son.

    We are in trying times and with the activities and attacks of the left we are approaching a tipping point. When, or how will we actually know we are there is not something that can be predicted. I can say without any doubt that this drive towards a crisis in our nation is being made by the left and not the right. I have made this comment before and I will repeat it for my own edification and also for the pure exercise of repetition. We, on the right, need to let the left throw the first punch. We need to force them to throw the first punch. We need to let them bloody our noses first and establish without question for any to see that they, the left, are the aggressors and the antisocial aspect of this situation. Only by letting the left step in it do we stand a chance of surviving a CWII in any form and come out at the end with a positive appearance. If we are coerced into committing some act of violence of any kind we will be labeled as terrorists and the left will unleash the dogs of war upon us.

    Stand fast and allow things to play out. The further things go, the more obvious the extreme behavior of those on the left will appear.

  2. kamas716 November 13, 2019 / 7:49 pm

    The impression I got was that a manufacturer advocating criminal activity wouldn’t be covered under the law in question, so the next step is for the court to determine if Remington advertised their product for criminal usage. If I have it right, the case is still dead in the water because I can’t imagine a manufacturer saying, “hey, this is good for robbing and killing people.”

  3. Glenda T. Goode November 13, 2019 / 9:16 pm

    The case should fall back on the issue of Adam Lanza and his mental disability. Add the mother’s cock eyed idea of handing a weapon to someone with his mental profile and anti social behavior. Will it? Hard to say.

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