What. The.


Police Lieutenant Indicted For Murder For Shooting Active Shooter

“She shot at the police twice. She has shot at her mother twice. She has shot at a private citizen. We know she fired other rounds around town,” James told the paper.

So she is obviously a threat to society..

Blackwell Police Lieutenant John Mitchell managed to pull in behind the active shooter’s vehicle.

“He took his AR-15 and he started shooting through the front windshield at her,” James said, according to The Oklahoman.

And an officer, doing his job, stops the threat..

On Nov. 21, a state grand jury determined that Lt. Mitchell engaged in “imminently dangerous conduct” towards Godsey without excusable or justifiable cause by firing approximately 60 rounds during the gun battle, The Oklahoman reported.

But apparently he should have let the shooter continue on unimpeded…

Wonder how many of those on the Grand Jury have ever dealt with an active shooter or been shot at themselves….???


4 thoughts on “What. The.

  1. Glenda T. Goode November 27, 2019 / 4:04 pm


    I do dearly hope that upon the first day of trial a motion is made to dismiss and is granted.

    We read all too often of excessive force used by police and then there is the ‘Swatting’ of innocents but note, in a lot of these cases, the victim of the violence is either mistakenly determined to be dangerous or intentionally misidenitified as a violent individual.

    This case with the Lt. is rather obviously an appropriate use of force by law enforcement to stop the continuation of violent actions of a shooter who had put the public and law enforcement lives in jeopardy.

    Suppose he had let the shooter go on shooting up the city and an ‘innocent bystander’ was killed? Can you say LAWSUIT????

    This situation is another example of the destruction of values and culture in our nation by the liberals. Had this happened outside of the city, the charges would have never come to light nor would they have been even considered.

    My guess is that there is a political actor putting a lot of pressure on the DA to gin up this phony charge. Is it possible the shooter is connected to some political scion of OK City? This would explain a lot. I am sure the real story will come out now that it has hit the national news.

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