Murder by Gun Control

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Murder by Gun Control
By L. Neil Smith

Why is everybody being so damned polite?

No sane individual living in the last days of the 20th century would knowingly welcome Nazis, the KGB, the Khmer Rouge, the ATF, or the FBI into their homes. We’ve learned too much from what happened to Jews in Germany, Kulaks in Russia, “landlords” in China, everybody in Cambodia, and victims of state terrorism at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

But let the Jackbooted Thugs’ Ladies’ Auxiliary slap on makeup and broomstick skirts, let them prattle in squeaky little girl voices and breathe their vegetarian breath all over us, and for some reason we think we have to ask them in and offer them chamomile tea.

Well, to hell with that. I used to give a lecture at the local university that began like this: “Until this…

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One thought on “Murder by Gun Control

  1. Glenda T. Goode December 2, 2019 / 9:09 pm

    I find this statement to be very direct and hard to refute. Problem we face with our enemies who want more gun control is that they refuse to acknowledge any facts that do not support their agenda of disarming our nation. As a result we cannot get into an intelligent and logical discussion with them as they revert to name calling and accusations of fascism, of our mental imbalance or pure stupidity on our part.

    I have accepted a while ago that we will not be able to reason with our opposition. Our adversaries use emotional tactics to move their agenda ahead and in the process persuade their mind numbed drones to support them.

    The points we should be citing are well illustrated in L. Neil Smith’s well written argument. This is where we logically should see all gun control laws repealed outright based on the true statistics regarding the proliferation of gun violence as well as the statistics of how guns actually save lives.

    I have read in the past that you cannot change the mind of someone who has made their mind up and they refuse to consider any other information or statistics. This particular human trait is not solely applied to politics as you can get people to spout off opinions regarding sports, cars, cities, and all manners of things where they have an opinion and no one, not anyone ever, is going to change it. I consider that the left, socialist, gun grabbing, eco-nazi opposition we face is no different.

    The real question or rather, the real issue we should be considering is how are we going to co-exist with people like the ones we are faced with regarding gun control? I know that others are coming to the same conclusion as I that we are at an impasse with our political opposites. Much like a deadlocked labor negotiation, if neither side blinks, all we can do is stare across the table at each other. There have been times where negotiations at a standoff have led to the destruction of the organization at the center of the disagreement. Our current dispute with the gun grabbers is at this point.

    It might be better at this time to stop being concerned with trying to convince our opposition to back off of their agenda and instead, start preparing for the long term struggle that is ahead politically or otherwise. It makes little sense to do much of anything else.

    Even with the standoff, our best efforts should be to reelect people who will support our positions, defeat politicians who are aligned against us and spread the word as far as teaching those who are willing to listen as much as we can that is factual and to the point regarding private gun ownership.

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