News/Gun Bits ..

Censorship. Fascist style..

Google and YouTube Take Down Over 300 Trump Ads

If that is not censorship, 1st Amendment Rights violated, then all is lost..


Let’s Give Red Flag Laws a Try, with Abortion

Seems fair. They take away the Right to life.

They are working hard on taking away the Right to self defense.

They call it progress.

I call it bullshit..


Keep threatening to take our Rights away…

Black Friday Gun Sales Second Best In History, Up 11% Over 2018

We will keep buying guns…


They are coming out of the basement again.

Violent Antifa Group ‘Refuse Fascism’ Plans “Disruptions” At Upcoming Trump Rally in Hershey, PA Featured

Will they ever find a job and become productive members of society…????

Or remain entitled little non-productive bitches?




MSNBC Compares Half of America to Terror Savages


Gun control fail…

Criminals rule..

21 People Killed in Cartel Gun Battle Near U.S-Mexico Border….


What government does..

When they control the guns..And you..

During protests, Iran Guards said to massacre up to 100 people hiding in marsh

See also Hong Kong.




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