News/Gun Bits …

Education Indoctrination



Michael Bloomberg: ‘China Is Not A Dictatorship’


And what you won’t see on CNN, MSNBC, etc…

Good Guy With a Gun, Stops Bad Guy With a Gun


Proposed Credit Card Gun Purchase Bill Could Evolve into Confiscators’ Dream


Of course you will. You can’t beat him. You have nothing to offer the American People, You have done nothing since the election..So go ahead you dumb broad, keep doing nothing!!

Pelosi says Democrats will draft articles of impeachment against Trump


Anti-Gun Group Grades Retailers On Carry Policies, Political Donations


Another Corrupt Anti-Gun Politician Indicted


Pelosi… The Wicked Bitch of the West…

Pelosi SNAPS when James Rosen asks if she ‘hates’ Trump: ‘Don’t mess with me!’

McCarthy fires back at Pelosi: ‘This is the day Alexander Hamilton warned would come’

The Game is Afoot – Pelosi Starts Civil War II






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