Bird Battle: Conservationists Sue US Government to Stop Wind Power Bird Slaughter

But, but…GREEN!!


The silence from traditional conservation groups against the wind industry’s rampant bird slaughter is deafening.

Once upon a time, hirsute, hair-shirted and sandal wearing tree huggers would die in a ditch to prevent harm to any of God’s other creatures. That was, of course, before industrial wind power hove into view. Groups like the Sierra Club and the UK’s Royal Society for the Protection of Birds are all ‘fire and brimstone’ wherever ‘big business’ threatens our avian fauna. Except, that is, if the ‘big business’ in question is heavily subsidised, and chaotically intermittent wind power. It’s all about “saving the planet”, you see…

So, it’s a rare and beautiful thing when a couple of conservation groups get on the front foot.

In order to prevent the inevitable slaughter of millions of birds across the Great Lakes, the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) and the Black Swamp Bird Observatory (BSBO) have launched…

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One thought on “Bird Battle: Conservationists Sue US Government to Stop Wind Power Bird Slaughter

  1. Glenda T. Goode January 12, 2020 / 4:18 pm

    Where I reside, they are ready to put in 25 676 feet high windmills much to the dismay of the majority of the residents. We have no zoning and I am quite sure that made our little rural town in the crosshairs of the developer.

    It does not help that the the Dictatorship of NY led by Andy, the Ayatollah, Cuomo and his trusty democrat led Politburo are ‘PRO WIND’ most likely due to the kickbacks and payoffs. Since there is no local law prohibiting the installation, the state Public Service Commission makes the final decision. This agency and all the other state agencies who are involved are all populated by democrat apparatchiks so as an upstate NY (Fly over NY) we have no say in any of this.

    To say I am not happy and that none of my neighbors are happy is an understatement. The town fathers were bought off before the rest of the town knew of this project and eventually they will pay the price at the polls but it will probably be too late.

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