News/Gun Bits….And..

Effing Politicians…

She needs to cut back on the booze..

Trump Derangement Syndrome Has Nancy Pelosi Downplaying Pro-Freedom Protests in Iran

Because this is not happening!

Protests in Iran Shatter Image of a United Country



Sounds like a threat to me!! Secret Service?

Pelosi On Live TV — Trump Won’t Be President Next Year ‘One Way or the Other’ [VIDEO]



Lets not leave the Canucks out!!

Canadian CEO blames “narcissist in Washington” for jet crash in Iran



About all those ‘old’, ‘white’ men of the GOP..

Democrat Debate Stage Will Be All White


Minnesota Criminal An Example Of Catch And Release Criminal Justice

Democrats in control of Minnesota’s House and governor’s office have been demanding passage of several gun control laws, including a universal background check bill and a red flag law, but Republicans, who still control the state Senate, have been calling for better enforcement of existing laws. In fact, the Duluth News-Tribune covered a Senate hearing in Hibbing, Minnesota where Republicans and Democrats were interested in two very different approaches to fighting crime.

And again…Democrats…

Democrats Always Choose America’s Enemies Over America

Something one wonders…

Could U.S. Gun Owners Defeat Their Own Government in Battle?

Just throwing this out……Not going to form an opinion, something I hope never happens…


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