News/Gun Bits …

Taxpayer funded pens for a clown show…

Pelosi Grins And Offers Golden Pens For Impeachment. Ted Cruz Fires Back A Golden Tweet.


The Gamble of Gun Control: A Blast from the Past.

Commies in China should shut the hell up!!!


VCDL Expected To Seek Injunction Blocking Northam’s Gun Ban

Because the little black faced tyrant is scared of them??

Those law abiding citizens are much more terrifying then criminals, or corrupt, power hungry politicians!!


Oh Florida…

Florida REPUBLICAN Senators Vote for Massive Gun Control Bill


Falwell Jr. Warns of ‘Civil Disobedience’ Regarding VA Laws

Democrats, AntiFa, Pro-Choice, BLM get away with it no problem…But law abiding citizens? Not so much..


Oh this is to much…

HBO Teams with CNN’s Brian Stelter for Documentary About the Rise of Fake News


From a so-called gun rights group..

Surprising Opposition To Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement Surfaces


The Bernie hit keep rolling..

Project Veritas Posts More Videos Of Bernie Staffers Promoting Killing Opponents

iCarry..Always..And this is a helluva reason why….Crazy effing commies..


And finally…

Which Democrat Is Closest to Your Views According to a Silly Quiz?

I dare ya!!







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