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Co-workers of alleged whistleblower say they heard him plotting Trump’s removal in 2017: Report


Right of the People

  1. Our Rights are IMPORTANT TO US ALL
  2. That Patriots, Americans, will stand up and defend what is theirs
  3. That violence isn’t the only way to make a point
  4. Laws aren’t necessarily RIGHT, especially when they are being used to take control of the population
  5. That people of all races can come together
  6. That people of BOTH SIDES of this argument can come together (there were Right and Left wingers there)
  7. A very large number of people came together and gave voice for millions of others.


One hopes so..

Trump on Virginia Gun Grab: ‘It Will Never Happen as Long as I’m Here’


Not surprising. He seems to think he is..

NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Questions How Anyone Could Believe in God


Schiff for brains is getting desperate…

Schiff warns of Russian attack on US mainland, as Day 2 of Trump’s Senate impeachment trial concludes


Exodus: Leftist States Left with Bottom-Feeders


I’d buying reloading supplies by the truck load…

Ammunition Sales Skyrocket In Virginia


So not only are they here illegally, but they are driving..But that’s okay, Biden pandering for votes…

ICYMI: Biden Says He’d Fire ICE Agents for Arresting Drunk Driving Illegal Aliens


So they are going to ignore the People…

VA Senate Passes a New Gun Control Bill That Tramples on 2A Rights


Seattle Shooting: Looks Like Gun Group was Right about Gun Control Fail



This is naked tyranny: Virginia Democrats Push Legislation to Make Criticism of Government Officials a Criminal Offense

Is Virginia a test bed for what is coming to the rest of us?

How stupid are they?

Or what and how far are they willing to go?



Adam Schiff’s Eyes Deemed Existential Threat To TV Viewers







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